Sens Collection, Mood setters...

Sens Collection® sets the Mood with its new products « Made in Belgium », Outdoor and Indoor, designed by Didier and Nathalie who rarely lack of ideas.

Everything starts in 2010, during an evening with friends, night is falling, chilliness is settling… Didier has the idea of splitting logs vertically to burn them slowly ! A brilliant idea is born ! An idea that will involve several months of testing and hundreds and hundreds of logs burned before the BÛCHE D’AMBIANCE® became what we know today.

Christmas tree producers for more than 20 years, this innovation is a turning point for Didier and Nathalie who launch the brand Sens Collection®.  
The Bûche d’Ambiance® become the flagship of the Outdoor collection by Sens Collection®. It's a real pocket bonfire outdoor-ready. The Bûche d’Ambiance® and his wrought iron brazier is a unique and festive way to brighten outdoor events of any kind by bringing heat and design. 

Not to end there, Sens Collection® developped in 2011 an high-end collection of indoor candles. Their pecularity : THE CRACKLING WOOD WICK ! Indeed, the Sens Collection® scented candles crackle ! A true tiny fireplace ready to take away whenever you desire.
The Sens Collection® candles meet with such succes that the collection constantly evolve in terms of fragrances and design.

Nowadays, the classic collection includes 3 sizes (S-M-XL) in 3 colors (Black, White, Red) each of them available with 8 different fragrances ! Since 2013, in addition to the classic collection, in vogue collections are developped temporaly and exclusively. 
In 2012, Sens Collection® began to produce light pots and accessories labelled "By Sens®" : some matchless light pots with trendy and design luminosity ! A new and conceptual light pot that will set the Mood in your beloved home !

You have caught on, may it be Outdoor or Indoor, Sens Collection® is there to set the Mood and the result is stunning !

  • 65,00 €

    One trendy edition with contemporary floral design. (Flower printed leather) Flower SMALL : 1 wooden wick Height : 8,5 cmBurning duration : +/- 45h

    65,00 €
  • 105,00 €

    One trendy edition with contemporary floral design. (Flower printed leather) Flower MEDIUM : 4 wooden wicks Height : 12 cmBurning duration : +/- 80h

    105,00 €
  • 269,00 €

    LUXURY XL : 7 wooden wicksHeight : 19 cmBurning duration : +/- 150h

    269,00 €
  • 220,00 €

    One trendy edition with contemporary floral design. (Flower printed leather) Flower XL : 7 wooden wicks Height : 19 cmBurning duration : +/- 150h

    220,00 €

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